The Pinch Diet

Pinch diet: Topics Covered in the class

  • Learn some neat tricks to stick to your goals!
  • Receive a handout outlining the Pinch Diet Plan
  • We will review the mechanics of the diet.
  • Receive some cool tools to help you stick to the program!

Your are on your way to quick, healthy, weight loss!  Keep in mind this is not a "fad diet". It's a proven method of sustained weight-loss.  You'll learn how to make healthy choices.

Changing your habits will change your life.

Suzanne will share her experience, as well as the methods, that have helped her achieve her weight loss of more than 100 pounds, and counting!.

The best way to get started is to sign up for a class - Suzanne will cover the details in a small group setting.

Call today to sign up!  860-536-5306

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